How to be a bad boy in dating

If you don't have or want a hobby, at least volunteer. Use your time to better the world - you're a bad boy, but you're not evil. Value yourself - love yourself in a balanced and respectable way. A "bad boy" is bad because he knows that he is more valuable to himself than others are.

He cares about himself. A bad boy realizes that he knows himself better than anyone else, thus, his opinion about himself is above the opinion of others. It comes down to having self respect, and you must earn your own self respect before you can expect others, especially girls, to respect you.

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How do you earn self-respect? Create a standard for what you will accept or won't accept from people, and follow it to a T. The most important part of having self respect is to not put up with people both men and women who are disrespectful toward you or people who are important to you.

One problem with nice guys is that they are nice to everyone - even people who aren't nice back. We are all taught to turn the other cheek.

In some cases, unfortunately, this only encourages jerks. Don't reward bad behavior. Be nice to people who deserve it. Remember, being nice to someone mean won't make them like you. Surround yourself with good people who have earned your trust and respect. Be strong physically, but more so emotionally. As a man, you should be a pillar of strength that your family, friends, and especially women can rely on. Let go of the need to whine. Realize that no matter how much you complain or vent, your circumstances won't change.

Instead, suck it up and handle it. Perpetual victims are unattractive and, more importantly, unable to better themselves. When things go wrong, just do your best to make it through the day.

It is easy to get caught in the moment when something bad happens, but just remember that you're a man who solves his own problems and you will be able to handle it. Make sure the people in your life are taken care of. You shouldn't be anyone's sugar daddy - you are the most important person in your life - but you'll be appreciated and sought-after if you're helpful, strong and reliable.

Work out or participate in some form of exercise every day. Regular exercise helps improve your mood, energy, and overall health! This is a critical part of helping you improve your emotional control, as it helps maintain the daily stress level.

Take It From Me: Dating Bad Boys Won't Teach You Self-Love

Working out also improves your confidence and your physical attractiveness - there's no reason not to! Part 1 Quiz Why might a woman actually appreciate it if you are self-interested? It takes some of the pressure off her. It makes you seem untouchable. It shows you're not afraid to go after what you want. Much of the advice above requires you to have high confidence and a good self-image.

If you don't have these fundamentals, it's difficult if not impossible to be a true bad boy.

Take It From Me: Dating Bad Boys Won't Teach You Self-Love

Ask yourself questions like, "are there situations that make me nervous? You'll be on your way to badness in no time.

You don't need to be a body builder to be a bad boy, but you do need to be healthy. Scientific evidence has shown that physical exercise has a positive effect on self-esteem and can help thwart depression. The effects are both immediate through the release of stress-reducing endorphins and long-term through the improvement of self-image and overall fitness [2]. Don't put it off - go to the gym today, not tomorrow. One study found that moderately intense aerobic exercise produces the greatest immediate psychological boost.

For tips on starting an exercise routine, consult one of our many how-to guides on exercising, such as How to Exercise. Constantly work towards your career and personal goals. You don't need to be rich to have high confidence, but you do need to be proud of yourself. Working hard and succeeding will make you feel valuable and important - the cornerstones of a confident personality.

Everyone including bad boys suffers personal setbacks. If you're experiencing difficulty in your career or personal life, keep it in perspective - by persevering through your difficulties, you're building a stronger personality.

Treat yourself with value. Allow yourself to enjoy the things you like.

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You don't have to spend lots of money to feel valuable - simply cook the foods you like, enjoy your favorite drink in moderation, and reserve time to practice your hobbies. If you're doing the things you like, you'll naturally be happier, and if you're happier, you'll be more confident. Address any personal psychological issues. Sometimes, low confidence can be-deeply rooted. Childhood abuse and traumatic experiences can cause psychological difficulties throughout your life that can negatively affect your self esteem.

A variety of treatments, including counseling, biofeedback techniques, and the prescription of medicines, are available. Remember that seeking help for psychological issues is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Real men don't ignore their personal problems, they fix them.

Sometimes, this requires the help of someone else. Never feel embarrassed to see a counselor or a therapist - over a quarter of US adults received some kind of mental health treatment within two years of a poll. Part 2 Quiz How can simply eating the food you like help you to become a bad boy? It will help you meet people with similar interests.

It will help you keep things in perspective. It will make you more confident. Know what you want. A bad boy knows what he wants from a partner and is honest about it see step six under Part One. There's no shame in pursuing purely sexual relationships as long as you're honest about it.

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  • Similarly, having a long-term girlfriend doesn't mean you have to be less of a bad boy. Below are some tips for handling the fairer sex like a true bad boy. Have your own life.