Suzanne dating another bollywood actor

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That Barbie was never replaced, but it's a poignant memory and ironic in the circumstances. Sister Melissa and mother Suzanne, left, and with her mother, brother and four of her six sisters.

A protracted timeline for production of the new Barbie was of no interest to the Indian media, who are much more curious about the curvaceous Briton who arrived as a complete unknown in their famed film city just seven years ago and is now the most Googled girl in town. A fixture in the gossip columns where her love life is a constant source of speculation, Katrina Kaif, voted British magazine Eastern Eye's Hottest Woman in the World for the past three years, has effortlessly taken the fast-track to fame and is offered movie roles that might once have gone to more established Bollywood stars.

Not that Katrina, 27, is the only British actress who has sought to make her mark in Mumbai.

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Since the release of Slumdog Millionaire, which put India on the map in terms of worldwide audiences, an estimated 1, white British performers have moved to the city to find work. There is even a Bollywood acting school at the Ealing Institute of Media in London which teaches students dance, drama and even Hindi in preparation for their shot at stardom at the most prolific production studios in the world. But very few will get as far as Katrina, who didn't even speak Hindi when she arrived in Mumbai, accompanied by her sister Christine to audition for the film Boom in I realise that with your first film you make an intial impression on the audience.

And that was definitely not the role I wanted to be seen in.

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She knew she had the aesthetic requirements for Bollywood and just had to master the language, dancing and talent for tear-shedding. On Monday, the ex-couple was trending after rumours about their remarriage spread like wildfire. However, a source close to the Roshans and the Khans told Deccan Chronicle that the runmours are baseless and "a remarriage between Sussanne and Hrithik at the moment is more of wishful thinking. They are right now taking out time together whenever the need arises to be with their children and making sure that they get the best from their parents.


They have known each other for many years now and will not hesitate to communicate any such feeling to the other person. Till then, let us not jump the gun," the source added. The reports of Hrithik and Sussanne 's possible reconciliation have trended before. In , when the rumours of their remarriage were at its peak, Sussanne tweeted this:. I request people to stop speculating.

Suzanne dating another bollywood actor

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