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Also, was she asking you questions in an attempt to genuinely get to know you better, or was she trying to qualify you with inappropriate questions from the moment you began talking to her i.

There was a girl I was corresponding with on match. Each time she would ask, my responses got more and more outrageous. I should also note here that her emails otherwise seemed witty and playful.

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However, when I asked for her number, here was her response: But I still don't know what you do. I can tolerate most jobs but if yours is rather scatalogical or bodily function involved-ok a man with a bedpan in certain situations could be attractive-our future tryst might not work.

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Sometimes women will ask an inappropriate question innocently, so being a wiseass here is a good test to see what her true intentions are. Stay tuned for Part IV of this series where I'll give you some examples of how to respond to these questions. And after I get bored of watching Oprah and the Price is Right , I am going to divorce her and take half her money.

Coming tomorrow, 'How to Spot a Gold Digger: Posted by -Alexander Stone and Stephen David at 4: For more information about our services, including assistance with writing a captivating online dating profile, as well as workshps and seminars on how to approach women, click here.

How to Spot a Gold Digger

Approach Dynamics Online Dating Edge. Got a dating question or an interesting blog topic? Has one of our articles helped you out or made you laugh? Let us know by sending us an email, or if you'd like, you can buy us a "happy hour" beer. How to Spot a Gold Digger: Part I of IV - Introduc Beware of Long Distance Relationshi Some Great Lines Online Dating: With Wall Street and headquarters of many of the great banks and other corporations of the world making their home here, it only makes sense that those who have ambition and have achieved success would establish their lives in a place with such endless opportunity.

Most of our elite clients are from this specific culture and way of life, and one of the problems they are most worried about is getting ensnared by the proverbial gold digger.

How to Spot a Gold Digger

Try not to be too flashy with your wealth. That implies all kinds of things are wrong with their inner character. No matter what the balance in your bank account, you deserve someone who loves you for precisely who you are.


We often advise our wealthier clients to in fact do the opposite of what you might be tempted to do when in the throes of a new relationship; refrain from spending excessive amounts of money until the relationship has stood the test of time. This can really give you a sense of whether or not a new partner is with you for the right or the wrong reasons.

Find a partner who has something going for themselves already. In other words, be wary of the man or woman who has no career, and seems to just sort of be waiting around for someone to come along and take care of them.

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In other words, something that gets them out of bed each morning. Ultimately, having money creates a unique set of problems for those looking for love, and those problems will follow you no matter where you go. To bypass the pitfalls of dating in New York and shortcut straight to experiencing a match made just for you, schedule a consultation with Sameera Sulivan.