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Santana says this in front of people who knew her and Brittany in high school and were aware of how sacred Brittany saw their relationship. Sure, Glee might be one of the only shows on television to use the word bisexual to describe a character, but all the biphobia it exhibits sort of nullifies that progress.

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The actors involved ventured into perilous territory when discussing the two girls. I asked Ryan [Murphy] about that and he said there was no way. In season six of Glee , Brittany and Santana reunite. They get their own happily ever after episode, complete with two wedding dresses and talks of forever. It was just too fast.

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Bisexuality is irrelevant when there is monogamy to think about. Queer Women as Sexual Beings: Shira Feder is a writer from New York who can be found at http: In season four, episode nine, Brittany tells Sam she cannot date him because she is worried the lesbians of the nation will harass him: In season five, episode two, long after the couple has broken up, Santana says about her new lesbian girlfriend: See also at Bitch Flicks: Follow comments with the RSS feed for this post. She looked into the other girl's eyes.

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: When Will Brittany or Santana Start Dating Someone New?

Hurt, rejection and sadness were clearly visible and her heart clenched painfully at the sight. What if love was not as bad as she made it out to be. Rachel and Quinn are together and they're as happy as they've ever been.

They say 'I love you' loads of times and each time she made a gagging noise whilst they rolled their eyes and giggled. Everyone knew they were going to be together forever What if that could be her and B as well Santana nodded and smiled a genuine smile.

Brittany laughed and kissed the shorter girl. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Brittany is confused of what their relationship actually is.

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Brittana and mentions of Faberry. B what was that for? So are we dating?

Brittany-Santana Relationship

The Latina smirked and rolled her eyes again. Am I the boyfriend then? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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