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Protests to legalize it have had more people, muuuuuch more, than protests against corruption. Or, they know about hemp, but it is rarely used for smoking. Also opium is still quite popular. Most rural farmers grow poppies.

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Not sure how much opium gets smoked, but it is an active ingredient in hot pot broths. As fore medical weed, I think that it is a part of TCM. Used to work near a hospital and the air exchange vents always filled the street with weed smoke. Went in once to investigate and found an entire floor of weed smokers.

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This is honestly pretty fascinating. I thought that marijuana in China would be a similar situation to Singapore — just off the map completely. Kind of good to hear otherwise. Also looking in Shanghai. Anyone find any, please contact me via my masked email: If you want weed just put your head to any guy who belongs to Xinjiang.

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Its difficult for expats who dont know anyone to locate it. Im living in Kunming and have been trying to find clues for where to get it…I went to a shop while walking around today in the markets and there was a store with a bunch of rasta colored items and covered in images of weed leaves. Ive gotta think its findable here but for an expat who speaks very little Chinese, its hard to know what the boundaries are and who is safe to ask. Dude, Yunnan is weed central. Go to the Halfway House and hang out there for a while, meet some people, get some weed.

Go to Dali, hang out, meet some people, get some weed.

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In Shanghai as well, the Uighers are aggressive sellers of hash so you can always get it. Xintiandi is a good place to walk around and get offered stuff. In Beijing its the Africans, they have it on the street. People in China are growing their own and there have been several busts in Chengdu this year.

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Chinese police tend to focus on: Uighers, Blacks, Internet dealing, Large scale dealing. Sascha would you please link some of the news articles regarding the weed busts in Chengdu this year because I find it interesting tracking the development of the cannabis culture in China. I really think that its spreading slowly but at an increasing pace, I wonder what will happen to weed in China after a few years!

In regards to Ningbo, I lived in a city kinda close to there. The high speed train goes to a city called Taizhou. The district is Lu Qiao. Next to the Bin Guan is a Xin Jiang restaurant. Ask to see the Laoban. Be discreet though but if you are a foreigner, the Laoban will take care of you. I got some really nice pollen described well on this site for a good price.

Sasha, I speak Chinese and my wife is Chinese. I am moving back to China for business. It may be Cheng Du which I have never been.

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  4. I have a question for you: How humid is it there? It gets real humid here, and stays that way pretty much all year. Stuff grows really well here, naturally it gets better the higher up you are, but in Chengdu you can get a decent yield off of any well treated plant.

    Some purp is possible, if it gets cold enough, and if you have roof access in the summer you will have some massive plants. Thanks for the info Sasha. I should be back in February or March to pick out a quiet town and tie it down. Also I lived in Yunnan for a while and I saw a land race strain there but it seemed as if it was influenced by equatorial sativa varieties from Laos and Thailand. I was hoping for a pure hash plant influenced by the afghani line. Maybe I just need to keep looking or bring my own when I go back.

    Where do you get your seeds? Do you bring seeds of the THC bred potent western varieties to China or do you find that the native wild plants growing in abundance is enough? Do you just smoke the buds or do you make hashish? Marijuana in China still has a long way to go, Especially in politics, may the legalization of marijuana need longer time than alcohol and tobacco. A foreigner friend would shoot a documentary, about marijuana in Chinese and world situation I think, it is necessary to let more people know about this documentary. Fascinating article, thanks for posting it.

    I honestly had no idea that a subculture like this existed in China, let alone had room to flourish in its own way. So i have 2 questions.

    What do you think about getting some decent seeds from Europe and shipping it to China? Is MJ seeds legal in China? I would assume they are not legal in China, and that importing them is illegal. Proceed at your own risk! Going up to random strangers in China seems like a idiotic thing to do…. Can anyone in the know post some updated information? This is an article about how marijuana is interpreted within Chinese culture, not a blog post on where to buy weed. Ever watch a documentary about heroin without having an interest in shooting up? We publish a lot of posts about cultural facets of China — how and why people approach things differently in China while providing some historical and cultural context.

    A lot of foreigners believe that soft drugs like marijuana fall under the radar in China and are safe to be associated with. Clearly a lot of people are trying to determine where to find marijuana in China and are coming across this post, but one thing you should realize is that information on where to find drugs in China on the internet is likely to be dangerous to act on.

    I love this comment. Anyone want to buy some of my weed? Any help would be greatly appreciated, either in Beijing or surrounding areas. Tom, indeed the current information you found online is inaccurate at the moment. However, that info was accurate and is going to be accurate in the future. What happened is that a month or two ago police started to arrest dealers, and so they had to deal at other places and rely on previous customers and so instead of meeting in Sanlitun and facing a lot of risk dealers prefer meeting in the Lido area and in hotel bathrooms and so on.

    To clarify things up, I read some posts about dealers approaching you in Sanlitun and so on, and I went there during the first couple of days in china, and I was approached by MANY. Some dealers moved to clubs like Salsa.

    You might have a better chance going to Salsa and a few other clubs and asking around. Listen to Borat go to the uyghur muslims, they have much better stuff at cheaper prices especially if you go to a smaller city like ShiJiaZhuang where the demand is lower. You can get a golf-ball sized block for 20 bucks, sometimes the friendly restaurant owners give you some for free. I may well do that…. The only people to offer it to me are African guys in Sanlitun, who then ripped me off. Does anyone have any thoughts about mailing small amounts of weed into China?