Dating a guy with strict parents

Neither is having your boyfriend over Unless, of course, you are ready to take him through the grinding session of too many questions, being cornered, and so on and so forth. People drink alcohol at clubs, and alcohol equals irresponsible behaviour. So even with your imaginaryfriends accompanying you, no WAY are your parents letting you go.

2. Dating on Sundays may not always be possible; Sundays are supposed to be family days!

Is there anything more terrible than your mom explaining exactly how you could so easily get pregnant or catch a disease, over and over again? And sometimes, you have a hard time not ignoring her warnings in your head when things are getting, uh, exciting with your guy! When you DO go out, you have to carry with you a very strict set of instructions! Where did all the fun go?! While it sucks to not have the support of a family member of close friend during your relationship , you have to do what you know is best for you.

Continue to communicate with your parents about your relationship and what it means to you, in hopes that they will come around soon enough. Many times, just seeing how important a person is to you will be enough to make them change their mind.

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Although college is all about independence, it can be difficult to escape the influence of your parents—especially when it comes to relationships. Be open and honest about what you want, and be mature enough to stand by your decision. Best of luck, collegiettes! Brianna Susnak is a sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington where she studies journalism and Spanish.

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Her passions include social media, music, traveling, culture and the arts. Outside of class, she hosts her own weekly radio show and writes for the campus newspaper. Speak to them honestly about dating.


The first thing to do is to talk to your parents about dating, and be honest and receptive during the talk. You want to get their position on the issue, and their level of opposition to dating. You can start the conversation by saying something like "When did you start dating? Get their perspective and understand their values on dating and love. Your parents grew up in a different generation, so dating when they were your age was much different.

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In these cases, it may be harder to change their mind. Develop solutions to change their status of disapproval. If they say you are too irresponsible, take up more responsibilities around the house. Write down things that you parents want you to do in order to date and make sure to put effort towards them. If dating is dominating your mind and taking you away from your responsibilities, try to get better at a hobby or sport to sharpen your focus.

14 Things To Expect When Dating Someone Raised By Really Strict Parents

Don't talk about how you will change, show your parents through your actions. Explain who and why you want to date. Always stay away from the negative things, and make sure the reasons you want to date them are genuine. You can bring the person up before you tell your parents you want to date them.

21 Things To Expect When You Date Someone Who Was Raised By Really Strict Parents

Say something like "There's a person at school named X and they are top of the class. If the person you are dating is good in school, this is a huge plus for most parents. Refrain from yelling or getting emotional. Yelling at your parents is never going to get them to change their mind about dating, and can actually damage your chances of ever dating while you live with them.

If the issue is getting heated, and if you feel like an argument is brewing, just drop it before it gets out of hand. Accept their decision and change the subject if you feel the conversation is getting negative or you are getting emotional. Don't walk away in the middle of a fight or ignore you parents. Instead try to resolve the issue but respect their opinion at all times. Say "I understand your perspective but I don't agree.

I love you, so I'll do what you say, but I'd like to talk about it later when I'm not so emotional please. Revisit the issue at a later date. Sometimes parents just need time before they get used to the idea that their child is old enough to date someone. Wait a couple of weeks or a month, and then revisit the issue once they have had time to think about your side of things.

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  • You can start the conversation by saying "I know you told me you disapprove of dating in the past, but I've been taking care of all my responsibilities and I want to spend time with this person. You may not think it's important but it's really affecting me emotionally and I think I'm emotionally mature enough to start. Show them that you are mature. Making mistakes or being immature or careless in a relationship can have real, long-lasting consequences.

    Maturity means taking care of your responsibilities without being asked or reminded and making responsible decisions. The more that you show you can handle your life and your responsibilities, the more you parents will think you can handle dating someone. Maturity also means not arguing or bickering with you parents constantly. Try to go with the flow and make life easy for both of you. Help more around the house.

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    • It might seem unrelated, but sometimes parents are just stressed and need more help around the house. Take the initiative at home to help the family. Do all your chores without being asked to do them, and ask your parents if they need help. Go beyond the chores.

      4 Ways To Handle Relationship Intimacy With Super Strict Parents

      Help your parents out with stuff that takes up their time. If you can gain their respect, they will start to open up about dating. Surprising your parents by taking initiative will always make them happier and possibly more receptive about dating.

      Be open and honest at all times.