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OMG do I ever understand your feelings as I am in a very similar relationship. I am 22 and people tell me how beautiful I am and never have I ever felt so beautiful as with this FB Lebanese man. I have always prided myself for having a cool head, especially with men. Meaning I have never allowed myself to lose myself in a relationship or over a man, until him. What I do know is no man has ever proposed this fast to me, like 1 week and speaks of how he wants our babies to look like me.

Never in a thousand years would I even tolerate or consider any man that would propose so fast as this, If an American man said this, I would run as fast as I can, and lose him for good. As if he was mocking and degraded marriage by proposing so fast without us knowing anything of another. I take marriage vows very seriously and yet I allow him to say whatever he wants and let him get away with it.

I know what you mean about the PMS thing, about crying and being sensitive over him. I do cry so much over him, and feel like I would rather die than to know if he was using me.

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I have told him I will live with him there or anywhere and he seems fine with this. I wonder if some Lebanese men like American women because we can be very blond or look somewhat different than a Mid East girl and maybe they would like to try some variety?


But my man treats me so far like a princess. I hope for you that your dream with this man turns out to be a genuine and true relationship for you. You sound like such a nice good person and just know you have others here that want to see you happy and for good things for you to happen. God Bless and thank you for sharing your story, it has helped me so much. I would like to clarify few things: In Lebanon there are so many different societies, with many different values, many ways of thinking, morals, etc. Not only because there are different religions, you can find contrasting differences within moslems or christians.

There are many moslems who are totally adapted to western values, while there are many who are not, same thing applies to Christians. So its difficult to know the real inside of a Lebanese by just knowing his religion as there are so many other factors. All what is advised here remains general, and the real decision should be taken by you, as no one here realy knows the person you are in love with, he could be faithful and could be not, in Lebanon as any where else we have both the good and the bad, however it remains a fact that many Lebanese men are desperate to get into USA to start a new life running away from the high unemployment rate, high prices, etc.

Yes Naiveamericanwoman4lebaneseman you should go, absolutely! So whatcha waiting for?!!! Just try not to blow too much money along the way….

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And for the love of God do not have any kids. Its a small country and very very ridiculously sectarian. People will ALWAYS ask you in the first 5 minutes of meeting, indirectly, what religion you are, either by asking for your last name or asking which part of a certain area your family is from.

Its not unique to Lebanon at all. I have lived and studied in Lebanon for 4 years and before that, I would visit the country at least 2 times a year so I am very much aware of the norms and mannerisms of the different societies present within the country. Having traveled to different cities and countries around the world, I find Lebanon to be a country that a very limited variety of mentalities and mind-sets amongst the people I can count them on one hand.

The proof of this has already been provided by some of the people that commented on this post: Jessica S, did you really expect people to react to your comment in a constructive manner when you, yourself, made that comment using a very hostile and condescending tone?

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At least others who also disagreed with certain things the author mentioned had the decency to do so in a respectable manner. Not everyone will form the same opinion of a country and its people. We are not robots. Thank you so much for this comment Yasmine! I really try my best to be objective when I write! But sometimes being objective can make your writing wishy washy. I agree with every single word written in this article…and out of experience.. Unfortunetly our society sucks.

I was so frustrated i dedicated a whole blog to the dating process… Let me know what you think.. Interesting and amusing post. You said the things that everyone sees. To all the naggers, if you know who you r you shouldnt be offended. I really feel sorry for the writer and what he or she has been through, but my advice is to go for some fresh air, go for some hiking, mountain climbing, group cycling.. It will help not only to find some nice people but also to heal from those bad experiences!

Hi and thank you for this Post, I see the attempt that you are making to help many of us understand how it is to perceive and understand our global dating scene and within various cultures.

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It is important I think to attempt a dialogue about this regardless of the inevitable stereotyping that occurs. Oldman, thank you so much for your contribution you have added here. I am a young American woman who has met a Lebanon man on FB, as he pursued me for a long time until I finally fell into his charms and relentless pursuit of me. I am a green eyed blond girl, with long hair etc..

He proposed to me only after 1 week of both of us intensely inboxing each other and has gotten to the point we write of having children and where we are to eventually live. I too, like the woman above that you responded to, have cried like a little girl over this man.

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He seems to worship and adore me, I have sent him lots of photos as has he and we both feel such an attraction for each other. He wants us to meet in RL and I am terrified about this, about thinking that reality will surely kill this fantasy we are in. Can it possibly be real?

This relationship we have? He seems to love with all things American, and of me—asks so many questions about me—like am I a true blond and my long legs, and my sexual past and relationships. He behaves as if all I do is so wonderful and perfect.

I am afraid that he is putting me on a pedestal and surely one day I will fall in his eyes and this will be the end. He says he loves me on it, that I belong there. I have been sexual once in my life and I lied to him after reading the expectations Lebanese men have about virginity and so I feel so badly about this lie. I guess I need help from any Lebanese men who would help me understand more of what is going on, what is cultural and what is just him being a man.

I have sent him photos of me, in underwear etc.. I have such feelings of intense love for him, feel I could marry him tomorrow. Yet we have every conceivable differences between us, such as I come from a very rich family and he does not and of course I do not care at all about this, I have much education and a good paying job, and his is medium, I am from California, very free spirited culture and a Christian and of course he is Muslim and I am thinking the culture is much more conservative than mine.

He says his family will love me very much and there will be no religious difficulties. There are just so many obstacles between us now as our long distance is a primary one. He lives in Beirut. Have I given my heart away to a man who will hurt me, tire of me one day? I have thrown all reason away for him, especially having a marriage proprosal only after one week! I mean have never felt like this before ever and would or feel I would do anything for him, He is handsome and so good and sweet to me, considerate and loving. Talks about our future and children one day.

One thing has worried me though, he calls me his Baby Girl and I read this article yesterday that said many Arab men call their American girlfriends this name, which makes me wonder if I am just being played? If so I will be devastated and full of grief. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. Please anyone who can help me in understanding more of Lebanese men and their culture and differences, please please respond.

I am so grateful for this place of being able to share like this.