Persona 4 dating guys

Do they get pissed off and break up with you?

I wish the Persona series would let you romance guys. | NeoGAF

Did you get any problems while playing? Kush Follow Forum Posts: Fr0Br0 Follow Forum Posts: She's such a bitch.

Man, I was scared when she walks in on my date it Ai. So bottom line here, should I have multiple girlfriends? And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay, worth it? Or should I just forget about that and try the other girls? And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay Man this is to much pressure, I gotta go play LBP or something " There is NO penalty for having multiple girlfriends.

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The only thing that really has any kind of negative affect is having to choose between them on certain events. There are only a couple times where one girl might get jealous For example that Yukiko scene above But nothing was lost.

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So feel free to have more than one girlfriend. And don't stress about one character only being your friend. To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean.

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You also won't lose any pluses to stats if they aren't your girlfriend. You will still have max social link.

LordAndrew Follow Forum Posts: I should have waited till my second playthrough before taking any of the lover paths. Does anybody know which Christmas scene you get when you have multiple girlfriends? CommodoreGroovy Follow Forum Posts: Popularity leads to Intimacy. Diamond Follow Forum Posts: Absolutely, they continue to rank up, you just get different cutscenes that are less intimate and more like "you're my best friend ever.

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  4. I took Chie out again after maxing the social link. She went to my room again, and I spent a long while with her. LiquidPrince Follow Forum Posts: Mar 8, 5, 26 1, Space. As a male protagonist. And I forgot about Persona 2 since I haven't played Persona 2. Yes, in a series all about waifus, I'm the one asking for just one option to romance a guy. Kanji from Persona 4 was an attempt at ambiguous sexuality, but the usual Japanese anime gay panic writing soured it. I doubt Persona 5 will change this pattern. I guess I should be looking at otome games if I want something like this.

    But, those games don't have any guys I like. There's not a lot of choices. Anyone else wish there was at least an attempt at a male romance social link in Persona? Nov 17, 11, 1 There's no room for husbandos in my waifu world. BkzUzi Member May 10, Jun 18, 4, 0 Guess Who Banned May 10, Oct 21, 10, 1 0. Once upon a time, many years ago, rumors spoke of a game called Persona 2: Innocent Sin, which had a gay love interest. Unforunately, timeline shenanigans happened and Innocent Sin was erased from our reality, and today, the Persona franchise starts at 3.

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    8. May 18, 29, 0 0 J-Block, NJ. Portable and choose the Female Main Character. There was also a male love interest in 2, but 2 didn't have the social link mechanic that did. Feb 28, 26, 2 0. Kinsei Banned May 10, Jun 5, 22, 1 0.

      Persona 4 - Culture Festival Group date cafe (guy's seat)

      There was going to be the option for a romantic social link with Yosuke but it was cut. Hopefully we get one this time around if romance returns. Link to the audio: GrantDaNasty Member May 10, Feb 19, 2, 0 0 Estonia. MakeshiftKoala Neo Member May 10, May 18, 4 0 0. I don't know what Persona 4 you played, but Kanji and I had something truly special. Joqu Member May 10, Feb 16, 5, 0 0 The Waffle Kingdom. But yes, I too wish too romance guys as a male character in a modern Persona game. I know P4 had plans for it. Sep 15, 34, 1 www. Japanese attitudes about homosexuality, including in pop culture, are not the most evolved, so it's unsurprising unfortunately.

      The first mainstream TV show with a homosexual main character just aired, in fact. Romance guys as a male character. Dec 3, 1, 0 0 Mexico. Oh, right, I forgot about that Persona 2 romance option. But that's wasn't all the way, right? Aters Member May 10, Jan 11, 6, 0 0.

      Not surprised they tried to work out a way to date the best character. Maligna Banned May 10, Jul 3, 3, 0 0 NB, Canada. The game was first announced during August in the Japanese journal Famitsu. Wada stated that the console versions would have noticeably new content, hinting modes that are not common in fighting games.

      However, on August 22, , Zen United stated there were still a number of issues regarding the development of the port, which resulted in its delay. Once the latter has arrived both will be submitted to the platform holders for certification. Shortly before the game's release, Atlus updated its official Japanese Persona 4 Arena website warning players not to upload videos from the game to avoid spoiling the story.

      I wish the Persona series would let you romance guys.

      After the game's release in August , Atlus released a patch to fix the port's issues. The game was the first PlayStation 3 title to be region-locked although Way of the Samurai 3 is also region-locked but only on Slim models , although the game's online servers remained unlocked. The game's soundtrack was composed by Atsushi Kitajoh, with additional music written by series sound director Shoji Meguro. Two tracks are arrangements by Kitajoh of musical themes from Persona 3 and Persona 4 , while all others are original, most notably the opening and ending themes, "Best Friends", featuring vocals by Yumi Kawamura, and "Now I Know", featuring vocals by Shihoko Hirata.

      The first CD released was Persona 4: The game was adapted into a live stage play that ran from December 19 to 23, The Weird Masquerade stage musicals.

      Questions about Dating in Persona 4

      During its debut week the PlayStation 3 version of Persona Arena sold , units while the Xbox version sold 9, Upon release, the game received generally favorable opinion from critics, according to review aggregator Metacritic. He also commented on the variety of movements within the cast and added how finding a balance between Persona and Normal Attacks "an interesting puzzle that's constantly changing depending on whom you're fighting. Both the game's visual and audio has also been well received by IGN and GamesRadar with the former stating the soundtrack is "toe-tappingly infectious.

      D'Argenio commenting on how it continues the storyline from Persona 4 and its execution through voice acted scenes and anime cutscenes. On the other hand, he added that the way it is presented may appeal to fans due to amount of dialogue which would persuade the player to use the arcade mode whose story is more condensed. A sequel to the game, titled Persona 4 Arena Ultimax , was released in Japanese arcades in November , with a PlayStation 3 and Xbox release following the next year.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Persona 4 Arena Cover for the console versions of Persona 4 Arena. March 1, [3].