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David Rossi

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Curtis had her in his mini-compound chained to a chair. The team found her but also found that the basement they were all in was rigged to blow up. He was still inside with Curtis but beat him at his own game and escaped before the place blew. This episode of Criminal Minds was the best one of the season, in my opinion.

Rossi and Strauss the Musical a Criminal Minds Parody

The Replicator case has been here and there throughout the season, so it was only fitting that the finale end with it. Unfortunately, a member of the team went with it in Chief Strauss. This made for a solid start of the episode as well as a heartfelt finish. But, I did find it hard to believe that he appeared to be a genius in everything from biochemistry to computers to everything else he needed to torment the BAU team.

However, I still liked the concept and the episode. Mark Hamill did a terrific job in the role of Agent Curtis. As far as season finales go, this one really did have it all.

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E The children had found their parents bludgeoned to death in the family home with an axe. Rossi had promised the children he would find out who killed their parents, but the BAU was unable to solve the case. Each year on Christmas Eve, Rossi called the children to let them know he hadn't forgotten them and hadn't given up on solving their parents' murders. He kept with this tradition through his return to the BAU, though none of the children had replied to his most recent calls.

After going unsolved for 20 years, the case was finally solved when the BAU found that a mentally handicapped carny clown had committed the murders accidentally when he broke into the house to play with the oldest daughter. The father had surprised the man in the parents' bedroom and triggered the resulting attacks.

E After the murders, Rossi had purchased the family's home to assist the children's grandmother, who was raising them following their parents' death. Rossi returned the house to the children, with the request that they use the proceeds to better their lives.

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After finally solving the case, Rossi also attempted to return the charm bracelet to the children, but they requested that he keep it. Although he had identified the need to solve this case as his reason for returning to the BAU, Rossi remained with the team after it was solved. In "Hanley Waters", as he is being interviewed about Prentiss' "apparent death" by Hotch instead of Strauss, he reveals that he feels more married to his job than to his three ex-wives.

He even proposes a toast with Hotch, to commemorate Prentiss and Hotch's deceased wife Haley. In the season six finale, he is almost shot in the face by an unsub pretending to be a victim of human trafficking; however, Morgan's quick reaction saves his life. Later he meets JJ in his office after solving the case. She meets him to let him know that she is returning to the team. In season seven, Rossi is just as surprised as the others to learn that Prentiss is alive.

‘Criminal Minds’ Season Finale Recap: 8.24 – The Replicator (Spoilers)

However, in "Proof", he mentions to Hotch that he had an inkling that Prentiss wasn't dead. As he has no children from his previous marriage, Rossi has adopted the BAU team as his own family and invites them to his house for dinner. Before Rossi leaves, he invites her to dinner at his place when he gets back. During the case, Rossi seems distracted, before he reveals to Prentiss that the reason he invited Caroyln to dinner to see if "the old spark is still there".

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At the end of the episode, Carolyn is at Rossi's house for dinner. After, Carolyn reminds David that the promise that they made to each other after their divorce, saying that they'd be there for one another.

Criminal Minds: Rossi & Strauss (Spoilers) - Oh No They Didn't!

She also tells him that she has had ALS for about a year and its getting worse she has 18 months to live then requests Rossi to end her life when the symptoms eventually grow too unbearable. After some personal deliberation, Rossi comes to the conclusion that he cannot assist Carolyn in ending her life. He goes to her to tell her this, and she reveals that she always knew that he would refuse, saying she is just glad that he could be with her tonight.

Rossi then asks, horrified, "what have you done? Carolyn begs him not to call and to let her die as she lived, not in a hospital.

Tearfully, Rossi holds her as she slips away. Just before falling asleep, Carolyn asks "do you think he'll be there? In "Profiling ", it is revealed that a serial killer, Tommy Yates, made a deal with Rossi and the FBI to not get the death penalty in exchange for the names of the women he killed and mutilated.

He would also only reveal the names on a "special day", that day being Rossi's birthday. However, he would later be reinstated by the end of the next episode. Rossi carries a Springfield Professional Model A1.

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  4. Although never mentioned this would seem to indicate that Rossi served on one or both of these elite FBI tactical units at one time during his FBI career.