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The dominant considerations in establishing the design concept were, as for all phases of project execution, cost, schedule, and quality. Therefore, particular emphasis was given to separating the true needs for an operable and safe facility from the desirables, which are not strictly necessary.

Appraisals were based on economic return and denied if there would be no positive contribution. Operational flexibility and facility maintenance were key considerations, for the former can affect production uptime and the latter maintenance costs and, at worst, production uptime, too.

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Efficiency and speed of offshore hookup production uptime, too. Efficiency and speed of offshore hookup and commissioning were addressed carefully, since these greatly influence both project costs and the schedule to first production, and were recognized as an area where the greatest gains might be made. In addition, for each tonne of facilities installed there is a requirement for roughly the same weight of structural steel in modules, and both weight and space have a profound effect on the substructure.

For operational flexibility, two process trains of three-phase separation each with two stages and of gas compression to export pipeline pressure were selected.

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Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: The Johan Sverdrup topside is the first platform installation job by the Pioneering Spirit, and thus unique in a global context.

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See you soon Although Aibel and Haugesund are now waving good-bye to the drilling topside, the Johan Sverdrup work is far from over for the yard and town. In April Equinor signed a letter of intent with Aibel worth about NOK 8 billion for the construction of the topside for the second processing platform on the field, part of Phase 2 of the development.

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Skip to main content We use cookies to provide the best possible experience for you. Johan Sverdrup drilling topside sailaway May 31, After Battery - Ray Stone. On the old diesel subs, the After Battery was the usual 'gathering place', where the crew took their meals, played cards, watched movies, held meetings, or just sat around imparting 'words of wisdom' to the lower-rated riffraff.

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Interlux Perfection Topside Paint. Interlux Perfection is a high-gloss two-part polyurethane finish. Its high performance formula combines a long lasting abrasion and chemical resistant finish with protection from the detrimental effects of UV. Topside hook up liomerlima.

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