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I never wear my hair up because I think my nose looks big.

Hairstyles Guys Love (Plus Ones They Don’t)

If I were more confident in my contouring abilities, it wouldn't be an issue; instead, I hide behind my hair. My brand is French woman sex hair. I know who I am. I matched with about 12 men over the course of the week. Of the 12, two actually messaged me — one guy was Italian so am I and lived in New Jersey which is where I'm from , and the other was a clean-cut bro who lives around Union Square. Neither panned out to a date.

In the end, I think the chignon was a little too stuffy of a hairstyle for dating apps, not to mention, it just wasn't me. After the disaster that was the chignon, I decided to come down to earth a little bit. I am not someone who loves a ponytail, either. The nose thing again. But I did dig the ponytail I wound up tying up for my photo. Because of that, the pony itself had some gorgeous weight and body to it.

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I felt right at home. Dudes loved the ponytail, too. Over the course of the week that I ponied up, I matched with 25 guys — double the amount I saw during chignon week. Of those 25, who were quite a mixed bag, I got five messages, mostly from professional-looking men in suits who posed in their photos wearing Ray-Bans. I made plans to actually meet up with one of the guys.

He also, as it turns out, wound up being a flake. While I respected his forthcomingness and his courage to not ghost, I was still kinda pissed. It was a great ponytail! So instead of meeting him for coffee, I stayed home and ordered pizza. It was also great. When I toss my hair in a top knot, it means one of three things: And a top knot. But in truth, I think I actually like the way I look in a top knot, and I've worn plenty over the years. I wore ballerina buns.

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I love a half-up top knot. For the purposes of this experiment, though, I wore it high, kind of mussed up, and super sexy. It sends mixed signals to guys--you care about looking cool, but have no idea how to pull it off. As far as guys are concerned, wild-woman curls like AnnaLynne McCord's are the ultimate sexy hairstyle, because it makes guys think of their favorite bedroom activity. She's showing off her neck and collarbone, and the texture makes me think I can run my hands through her hair and it won't make her mad," says Ward.

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Lucy Hale's glamourous waves are another winner with the gents. If you're trying to snag a guy's attention, a ponytail is apparently not the way to do it: A look like Aimee Teegarden's just gives the appearance that you can't be bothered with your hair.

Conversely, a really tight, slicked-back ponytail "makes you look like you are making a power play," says Ward, which, while great at the office, might send the wrong message to your date--he'll feel threatened, not smitten. Surprisingly, the two-toned hair color trend, as seen here on Drew Barrymore, is a total dude magnet.

It's a spectrum of hair color," he says.

Dating Hairstyles: Open Hair, Semi-Updo or Updo?

While Jessica Alba's intricate updo does make her look a little high-maintenance, it also gives the impression of total confidence, which many guys find attractive. Today, I will show you some great short hairstyles that make you upgraded on a date.

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Among all the short hairstyles, the short bob, pixie and layered razor cut are the most beautiful and great for women to wear for a date. They spice up the cool look of a short hairstyle with the delicate girlish details. The bob style is the most popular one.

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  • Alluring Dating Hairstyles.
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You can easily get a tidy and trendy look with a well styled bob. The side parted bob is quite sultry. You can curl the hair on the forehead, and let it fall down you face.

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  6. The pixie may be the most girlish and fairy hairstyle for a short hair. The short-curls hairstyle is also gorgeous. Short curls make women attractive and sexy. You side part you hair, slickly tease the upper hair and curl the lower part.