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The six singles bring an ice cream sundae bar into the darkroom. Three guys and girls try to determine if looks can be removed! Six singles don swimsuits and spend time together on a makeshift beach. A dancer and former True Beauty contestant joins five other singles. Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorites shows - Start Now. Available to Stream Watch on.

Add to Watchlist Added. Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, July 20, The Bachelorette: Dating In The Dark Season 1 Each week, three single men and three single women, all looking for love, will move into a house together, but be totally sequestered from the opposit more…. Dating In The Dark Season 2 Each week three single guys and three unattached ladies move into a house uniquely looking for love.

Everyone is sequestered from the opposite sex unt more….

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My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorites shows - Start Now. Drew feels Katy's hair and ears, which leads him to conclude that she's much shorter than the women he normally dates. Katy, on the other hand, thinks it was the best date ever. Just think what would have happened if he had brought the guitar.


When he's done, he asks her if she wants to leg wrestle. John counters with an offer to thumb wrestle.

Brad gets to go on a second date, as Kate invites him. Kate is visibly nervous and uncomfortable during the whole thing and can't get the thought that she might be sitting in the dark with a "weirdo" out of her head. The ActivityThis week's activity gives the participants the chance to go through each other's luggage. Katy remarks that she likes Drew's shirts and his style. Brad is particularly fond of Jill's 32D bra.

All three girls notice that John's bag smells bad, which is an instant turn-off. He should just leave now. The guys go through Katy's bag, and seem to pay a lot of attention to her panties. I'm male, so I can't say for sure, but I would think most women would find that kind of creepy. Brad goes on another date with Kate, and brings her out of her shell a little bit, and they start to develop a connection. Brad has prepared a picnic, during which Jill asks about where he is in his life. She wants to know if he is playing the field, or if he is serious.

Brad responds that he is serious, and is at the point where he really wants to have kids. dating in the dark couples. Lawrence Josephs | Faculty Profiles | Adelphi University

Jill is excited to learn that Brad is looking for someone to "make babies with. Drew brings his guitar and plays a song that he wrote for Katy. Something tells me that he probably does this with just about every woman he meets, but it seems to work as she loves it. Furthermore, she says that she wants Brad and has no interest in seeing John, as he is a musty, dirty boy.

Given this outlook, it is hardly surprising that the date doesn't go well. The Final DatesThe producers have set up a sandbox with a kiddie pool in the darkroom, so the final dates will be what are being called "beach dates. Drew tells Katy that he is eager to see how pretty she is on the outside, because she is beautiful on the inside. John invites Katy, and nothing happens.

In fact, the only thing of interest here is that John is without his glasses when he is being interviewed. However, when we see him in the darkroom, for some reason, he has his glasses on. Brad and Jill invite each other. Brad tells Jill that she might be a "humpback snaggle tooth" but that if she is, he will still want to hang out with her. This must have been the way to her heart, as they soon embrace and kiss.

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Jill tells the camera that Brad is her dream man. Brad gets a second date this time as well, as Kate invites him again. He confesses that he and Jill have really hit it off. dating in the dark couples

This has the desired effect on Kate, as she really turns it on by kissing him, and pressing her body into his "like a hooker," as she put it. After the date, Brad confesses that Jill is no longer a "done deal" for him, since his date with Kate went so well. Kate and Jill argue over who has the better connection with Brad. Drew admits that he has fallen for Katy because of who she is, but is not sure if the physical attraction will be there and thinks it will be a challenge for him if it's not.

Katy demurs that she is not a sexy girl, so if that is what Drew is looking for, then they will not be a match. After seeing each other, Katy thinks Drew is "so hot" and indicates that she will most definitely be going out on the balcony.

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Both Jill and Kate have asked to see Brad. Jill is up first, and says that Brad is exactly what she pictured, as he is "dorky cute.

TV dating returns with Dating in the Dark

Brad tells the guys that Jill is cute, with a good body and good face and that he is pleased. He goes on to say that something "super dramatic" would have to happen with Kate to cause him to not go out on the balcony. Brad confesses that his mind is going nuts as he heads in to see Kate. After seeing each other, Kate tells the ladies that Brad is not at all what she pictured, but that she loves his personality uh-oh! Brad, on the other hand, proclaims to the guys that Kate is HOT.

This seems to disappoint him however, as he says that this is not what he wanted to happen. He remarks that Kate is way hotter than a girl that should be dating him.