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He loves when I wear heels and doesn't have any problem being shorter.

I guess it boils down to the same for both tall and short men: Being genuinely confident is attractive. The ultimate shallow fantasy. As long as someone was at least the same height as me, I was okay 5'6". It's not that shorter guys were less attractive to me, but more that I felt less feminine when I was the taller one. It made me feel awkwardly self-conscious.

Francis Xavier School music teacher. But I do like height on a man.

It actually makes me feel a bit less secure, since I probably could not fend off a 6-foot guy. At the same time, if a guy is as short or shorter than me it suggests to me he might have a growth issue. I don't know how I feel about it. Then again I'm 5'3" so it doesn't matter as much I can still wear heels and be about his height. The above picture, for example, was over two years old when it was uploaded.

How do we know? Most modern cameras append text tags to the jpgs they take. These tags, called EXIF metadata , specify things like the exposure and f-stop settings, GPS information if your camera has it, and, of course, the time and date the photo was taken.

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Analyzing this stuff, we found that most of the pictures on OkCupid were of recent vintage; site-wide the median photo age at upload was just 92 days. However, better photos were much more likely to be outdated than normal ones. Another useful if somewhat unorthodox way to take in this graph is to follow the horizontal gridlines. It also turns out that older people also upload older photos:. The upshot here is, if you see a good-looking picture of a man over 30, that photo is very likely to be out-of-date. Not to get personal again, but my own OkCupid photo shows a Burberry-dressed 27 year-old, strumming away on his guitar.

One of the shortest I've ever seen actually - he comes in somewhere just over five feet tall 5'3" or so tops.

Definitely not a fling typa thing.

He has the face of a calvin klein model on a slightly athletic build. He's very well-educated, accomplished, interesting and funny - just an all-around good guy to boot. He's single, and now officially in his mid-late 20s. He recently tried online dating for the first time, both through Tinder and OkCupid.

As a man of average height, I never stopped to think about what he would then describe. He was borderline humiliated. He put up his profile and sent hundreds of personalized, well-written messages. Got maybe 1 or 2 back. For the height section - he filled in his height honestly. Even flubbing a few inches - more noticeable on a shorter dude imo - wouldn't have done much to boost him in the eyes of women. When he took height off his profile, he got more replies, but he showed me three conversations in which he had hit it off wonderfully All three ended when the woman asked him frankly how tall he was.

When it eventually came out, they all went stopped cold-turkey and he never heard from them again. These women were shorter than he was. On Tinder, things went a little better at first - although there is the occasional snooty profile remarking about height. Again, he showed me several convos where the girl asked him how tall he was seemingly out of the blue.

6 Signs That The Person You're Dating Wants Something Serious

Some extremely disrespectful responses came after he let them know. So what does a shorter guy do? A coworker the other day mentioned he had to give up completely on online dating due to height being a roadblock - he's like 5'6" though. It seems to me that your options are to either: Lie - they'll find out eventually, or maaaaybe think you're a few inches taller than you really are 2.

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Dont list it - they'll find out eventually 3. Just seems unfair as it's completely out of his control and he pretty much killed it on everything that IS in his control and most other things that aren't looks, intelligence. Methinks it's probably best to forgo it and just stick to irl - if it's a roadblock you probably won't ever know as nothing will happen, plus you at least have the chance to impress with personality instead of literally just stats. Forgive me if this thread is Capt. Obvious or has been done to death. No Love Banned Aug 30, Jun 7, 6, 0 0.

Live life as a false tall er person. Ninja Scooter Member Aug 30, Jun 7, , 5 0.

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  • I'd imagine that's not an issue exclusive to online dating for him. BearPawB Banned Aug 30, May 14, 6, 0 0. There are plenty of girls out there that are ok with a shorter guy. Sure, some girls will instantly reject. But people out there like all sorts of things.

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    The person he wants wouldn't care about his height anyway. Undead Member Aug 30, Feb 8, 0 0 UK. Yeah, in my experience a woman likes her man to be taller than she is, that's not to say he will never find someone, just will take him longer and dating sites are probably not a good bet. Apr 22, 26, 1 0.

    Online dating seems like a shallow place to select people since physical attributes are the starting point. Have to go the old fashioned way.

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    M52B28 Member Aug 30, Jul 20, 2, 0 California. Online dating can be a destroyer of self esteem.

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    MidgarBlowedUp Member Aug 30, Feb 17, 7, 10 1, I know quite a few that are under 5 foot 2. Can you search based on height on those online dating sites? StanleyStutters Member Aug 30, Jul 6, 1, 0 0 Massachusetts. I'm slightly taller than your friend, 5'5", and it has been a slight problem with online dating, but nothing insurmountable. I have had some women not interested due to my height, but I just brush it off and move on.