How to deal with overprotective parents and dating

Clearly having a boyfriend doesn't interfere with your grades, or any thing else. If you're parents cannot realize that not to be mean you are responsible enough then just leave them out of the equation. You're 16 and almost 17 you said, so you should be driving or soon to be driving.

Maybe that will open up new freedom rules from your parents or maybe not. I'm trying to give an unbiased view and not trying to sound like your friend or parent. What I think, is that you should just continue what you're doing, but just keep it casual with your boyfriend. You know this guy, and you know he's a "keeper" Then once you've finished he can linger and hang out after- knowing overprotective parents they probably won't be too far away or out of the room so they'll be grilling him left and right, and since you know he's a great guy he'll do just fine.

Your parents will see he is a good guy and be comfortable with him hanging out around the house. I'm having the same problem! I'm 14, almost 15, and my mom said I can't date until I'm I've just stayed quiet, and brought up the subject a few times. We're at this part that I think I should go to prom if I get invited, but my mom says since freshmen can only get in if they are with a junior or senior she would call it a date.

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Not really help, but just telling you your not alone. I'll stay here for a sec.

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I wouldn't rush into tell them about him. Finish with high school, and if he's still by your side, then announce the relationship to your parents.

Show them that you were able to keep in mind the importance of your education. Also that you are trustworthy to be responsible around the opposite sex and not rush into a sexual relationship and risk ruining your life or changing all your plans due to an accidental pregnancy or such.

I assure you, those are your parents' top worries. Sneaking around will only loose your parents trust and respect for you. I suggest you bring it up in a conversation, because the longer you go behind their back's the more angry they will be with you when they find out. Plus if you really love your boyfriend and want it to go somewhere, then your going to have to let your parents know sooner rather than later. They are trying to help you secure your future. They think if you get involved with a boy you might end up getting pregnant or married and pregnant and wont get your degree.

Even if you had a good marriage things could fall apart, like if he got killed and you didnt have a good education you wouldnt be able to get a decent job to support you and your kids.

Boyfriend and Overprotective Parents

They are just placing great importance on your ability to fend for yourself in life if the need should arise. No matter what happens realize how much they love you and want whats best for you. I'm a mother of a 24 yr old girl and it is very hard for me to relate to your parents thinking. I'm sorry for that. I disagree with them totally. My thought is that they do not want to let go of you, or what that intends also is not wanting to let you groe up.

How to Gain Your Freedom From Overprotective Parents | WeHaveKids

I'm very proud of you that you have good grades, and not really disapointed that you have a boy friend since you parents say no Loving him is a good thing but at your age and I know You Don't want to hear this or read this " there are going to be alot more bf's in your life , but the more you have the more will know what you want in a man when it comes time to get married.

If I were you I would bring him home after school one day or if you have to getpermission ask first but after school to study, and meet the folks, hang out at your house with him not in your bedroom he seems to be OK scince he is respecting of your parents rules. He I think would have no problem hanging at your house only with your parents presence and or knowledge of course but maybe after awhile they will learn that you have good judgement of your male friend s and they will grow up themselves and try to realize that you have to have relationships of the opposit sex as you mature and THAT YOU ARE MATURING Take it slow with the parents don't get them to not trust you, as a parent it is hard to gain trust towards your child because it is TOTAL NATURE to protect at all times, we hate to see a scratch on you bodies.

Be honest, polite, and it seems that you are being respectful, keep up the respect towards your parents forever beleive it or not they are usually on your side. Some parents forget what it was like when they were young. How to deal with overprotective parents? Before then, I would say between 12 and 14, I started taking an interest in boys but not in a commitment kind of way.

How can I deal with overprotective parents and dating?

Like hold hands in the hallway, walk each other to class, go to school dances together, etc. All of the juvenile things.

However, that was also not allowed. I chose on my own accord to break up with him a week later because I heard that he smoked marijuana.

Prepare Yourself and Your Resolve

My mother knew that he had some behavioral issues and never let us go places together alone. She helped me end that relationship even though I was, for a while, reluctant. However, I did come to realize that she was right and that it was best for it to end. Except that my second boyfriend did not have behavioral issues, but we fought a lot and just were not compatible.

The third boyfriend I was with about 9 months ago and it only lasted 3 months. My parents both intervened on that one because there were a lot of red flags with him. He was too old for me, and he told many lies. Between my second and third boyfriends I have had a 3 year span of being single and had plenty of opportunities, especially with going to college, to start other relationships.

Now, for the issue at hand. I have a new boyfriend now, and we have been seeing each other for about 4 months. I know that this may sound crazy, especially just coming out of a messy relationship. And normally I would have never moved into another relationship. Especially not so quickly. However, it was my messy breakup that got us to meet in the first place.

I was at a very very low point in my life after that breakup, I felt worthless and stupid. And I definitely did not want to deal with guys. That was when I started seeing a counselor and I did try to socialize with new people to get myself out of my rut. But he was telling me about rumors that were spreading about me on campus because of my ex and that is how it began. I know that 4 months does not seem like a very long time, but we have really gotten to know a lot about each other. I find him attractive, funny, sweet, kind, loving, and we have a lot in common.

We rarely fight and he makes me very very happy! We have the same viewpoints on most subjects and we never get bored with each other. He knows exactly what I am thinking without me saying anything and even when we text he knows when I am upset or distracted. He knows just how to make me smile when I am feeling down. He is honestly everything that I need and want in a man.

And I expect this relationship to just keep growing from this point. My problem is that both of my parents do not feel that he is going to keep me happy forever. They are using everything under the sun for me to change my mind. They keep insisting that I will find somebody better. I know that I am young yet, but I know how I feel. And I think that I am falling in love. This is a different feeling than I have ever felt. I am very sure of myself. My parents do not believe me when I tell them these things because of my past and they feel that I am incompetent in making my own decisions.

Also, when I do try to explain my thoughts and feelings, I am told that I am messed up and that I am going to regret it. They do not think that he is my type when it comes to appearance. They say that he is lazy when I know for a fact that he is not.