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Been my experience that female weird is not the same as male weird. Problem is, people insist on using innate free-will to decide what they think they want in a relationship. They change their minds, on a regular basis. While insisting that the other person in a relationship, remain unchanging as the mental image that we have of of them. Cause other people insist on deciding for themselves what they want out of a relationship.

Thus making your vision of "perfect happiness" obsolete. Unable to admit our own imperfections, oddities, bad judgement, we blame the 'others" for the failure of a relationship. If you never learned to compromise? To consider the others motives from their POV? Never learn to"Forgive others failings.

As we wish them to forgive our failings". Easier to just avoid making the effort. The socially inept should work on sex robots. Socially capable males should go for some sort of open or polygamous state and in a generation or 3, problem solved. You don't get social skills that way. Probably the best way is to hang out with friends, relations or just about any talking human you can have in front of you.

There is a reason why the surviving religions discourage flirting and such lascivious expressions. Long term bonds and large families do not result from societies that encourage temptation of the opposite sex. Man and women have different reproductive strategies, biologically speaking. A man seeks quantity.

Men on Reddit reveal what they find unattractive in women. Oh good.

A female has much more invested in a pregnancy and so seeks the best possible mate for each and every child she wishes to bear. And the best way of discerning quality is to compel potential suitors to compete. While biologically preferred, these strategies are obviously anathema to social harmony and tribal cohesion. Which is WHY religions were invented to suppress them. Today's sociopolitical prerogatives are far different. Now that the world has been tamed, the emphasis has been shifted from the male quantity to the female quality.

Yes, women are now on top. They determine when and if they are going to get pregnant, and by whom. They are now allowed to use any and all means to determine relative quality in men. And both sexes have been given lifestyle alternatives which include careers, hobbies, and all sorts of non-procreative sex to expend their energies in more benign ways.

Finally, the whole process of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships has become a very dangerous one, especially for men. An unfortunate comment or gesture can cost a person their careers, their savings, and their freedom. The thing to consider is that all these changes are as contrived, preconceived, and artificial as those mandated by religion.

We are living in such an exciting time.

Thousands Of Women On Reddit Share What Really Makes Guys Attractive

You need to be young, stupid, naive or almost impossibly lucky to keep doing what we did since amoebas. Let the chumps breed, leaving something of "their own" behind, their kids or their grandkids will get it one day. And speaking at historical scale, human breeding and slaving for offspring is over anyway. There is no social directive for to have all men married or even keep the singles socially disadvantaged Sometimes there is, sometimes there isnt.

Read more Click here to reset your password. Sign in to get notified via email when new comments are made. The letter was typed and put in my mailbox and pretty much asked for me to be a sister wife to my then BFF. I turned the guy down and let my friend know that I would no longer be a bridesmaid or attend her wedding, in general. My boyfriend let it go because I told him I could handle it, but then the love letter guy wouldn't leave me alone. Resulting in my boyfriend telling him that he had let love letter guy say what he wanted to say without getting involved but now I had made my choice and he needed to let it go.

Love letter boy got very offended and called me and my boyfriend terrible things. He told me the one person cancelled and the two others were running late and would meet us at a bar after the show. I always felt comfortable with this guy, so I didn't mind sitting in the back of the coffee house and catching up. He didn't drink, but I did at the time. He said he would be my DD.

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I thought that would be alright. My mom knew my plans.

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I have about 4 mixed drinks. Our two friends take off, but my ride was finishing up a game of pool, so I waited.

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He ordered me another drink even though I said I had enough and got frustrated and offended that I wouldn't drink it since he paid for it. I caved in and drank it. Hands all over the place, kissing me while I pushed him away. I had to slap him across the face to get him to stop. After slapping him, he bitched about how lucky I should feel because he was a really nice guy and treated me like a princess all night.

He also screamed at me from the car window that I was a slut. He was not a nice guy. We would often go for lunch together because he could drive and I couldn't, and there was no food places within walking distance.

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I always made a point of shutting him down, and not in a joking manner. Nearing the end of my contract at the company, he insists we go for lunch together that day. He tries to buy my lunch but I tell him no. We pull into our office's parking lot and this MOFO looks over and puts his hand super high up on my thigh. Before he could say anything I looked him dead in the eye and told him to get his fucking hand off of me. I left and went inside. Later that same day when he was back in our room he kept saying things about how we were good for each other and he was a good guy and he thinks we could really have had something if it weren't for his wife.

He sent me three emails that night, three the next day, and kept this up for about a month. Then about three months later he emailed me again, to see, "if you've decided you're into nice guys after all. He kept saying he was a nice guy, he walked me to my car, he was a gentlemen. I kept begging him to let me go and that he was hurting me. He had pinned my arm behind my shoulder.

I finally relented and let him kiss me while I cried and lied that I would go on a date with him. When I finally got home and told my friends what happened they said, 'Why didn't you just agree to go on a date with him?

He's such a nice guy! Anyway, he buys my lunch and I expect him to ask my number or some other petty shit, but this motherfucker says, and I quote: But it escalated from there, until he was manipulating me and guilt-tripping me into paying attention to him. So of course, I call him, tell him how inappropriate it is, how I still don't want to date him — and he tells me to keep it.

He talked about how he didn't deserve to be treated like such shit by a girl he had given his whole heart to, and he had done nothing but put me first in every aspect of his life, and he was in love and he wanted to be with me. Oh, and could I tell him what he did wrong, because he wanted to make it better. Still very confused by how he thinks that's acceptable. He keeps touching me and whenever I tell him to stop he's like "You're so on edge, I'm just being friendly, omg haha! Then he starts in with the badgering, 'If you weren't interested, why did you accept a drink? If you're so happy with your boyfriend then why are you out here?

Don't you know he's probably cheating on you since he's alone?

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You're too young for a serious relationship anyway. You should be like that, people would like you better. In that moment I turned invisible. Like his eyes glazed over and I ceased to exist and he just wandered away to a new group of girls. As soon as he finally gave up trying to get in my pants, I wasn't even a person anymore. Our hour plus of laughing together and sharing about our lives I took as a genuine human connection meant literally nothing.